Highest quality product and service/maintenance ensured

DISTECs track record of supplying our products world-wide enables us to draw on years of experience in maintenance (i.e. what is needed to keep the products fully operational at all times like cleaning, maintaining, and servicing the products.)

service and maintenance Distec

Our modular designed products are developed to be able to withstand the test of time, easy servicing, backed up by comprehensive and efficient maintenance programs through our vast global representatives and locations, furthermore as an additive we offer installation support service as an option.
Our entire well-designed Outdoor Advertising products deserves to be maintained in “as new” condition at all times, that is why we are committed to delivering only the highest possible standards of quality and service for all of our clients no matter where. Our service is designated so that all of our clients can depend on our products, to be provisioned for necessary equipment and technology upgrade throughout the life.

Service Response

DISTEC Maintenance & Repair Service, within both the local area and from our main DISTEC offices are effectively mobile and therefore designed to handle any error or defect report with a quick response time and replacement parts delivered fast to either the location or the service & maintenance team. Our qualified and trained technicians, giving us the capabilities of maintaining open channel of communication with the clients Service Centre via mobile phones and or emails / pagers. On receiving an emergency report, we aim to have the issues resolved within the same day or as pre-agreed contractual time (pending on the service agreement within clients area and location). Rapid response to defective parts falls into a number of categories, each with a targeted response speed. Further response whether it is the removal or replacing of posters, replacement of a sheet of glass, a target response time exists within each global location to minimize the downtime of operational costs to our clients and their end users.