a total solutionA total Solution for any means

DISTEC was established in 1999 by two veterans of the interior display industry. Constant client demands for more upscale out-of-home media products than existed at that time provided the impetus for the new company.

With six years of experience developing and manufacturing innovative out-of-home media products, we have repeatedly proven ourselves to be groundbreakers and industry leaders.

We believe there is no other manufacturer anywhere that develops innovative and dynamic products with such frequency, consequently contributing so significantly to the technology and efficiency of the out-of-home media industry.

Ambitious development projects and optimal attention to every step in their implementation are hallmarks of our corporate philosophy. Through our global network we successfully meet the demands of our international clients, always with great attention to budget and scheduling requirements.

Personal contact and constantly open dialogue are paramount reasons for our great success with clients with a broad range of requirements. This has resulted in trust, partnerships, and continuing cooperation with many of the world’s leading outdoor media companies.

Client Specific – Our unique approach to a total solution

DISTEC firmly believes that the best out-of-home media solutions are driven by specific client needs, rather than from imposing existing, defined products into every project. We actively encourage individualization of existing products, or even the development of new products, to satisfy the vision of our clients and their architectural advisors. This ensures that our products not only function properly, but are also aesthetically pleasing, and integrate tastefully into your architectural or urban environment.