machines of Distec usineDistec means 14 employees to answer each one of your needs.
Distec also means a production site for OOH and DOOH advertising solutions situated in Germany.
With its two factories, it has a production surface of 2,400m² (1,200+1,200m²).

Here is a detail of Distec industrial state-of-the-art machinery:

  • Machine tool for 5-axes aluminium profile machining
  • 5 x 5 tonne suspension cranes
  • 2 saws
  • 1 electromagnetic pillar drill
  • 2 bench grinders
  • 2 compressors, 1 stretch wrapping machine, 1 chainsaw
  • 1 welding machine
  • 1,000 m2 storage space (inside), 4,500m2 storage space (outside)


industrial machine of Distec