advertising columnDISTEC is committed to the future look of the world’s cities. We offer a large range of products, both functional and aesthetic, to enhance the look of city, metropolitan and commuter areas.

Over the last 10 years DISTEC has developed street furniture such as bus shelters, I-plus information points, public restrooms and public information solutions. These have been successfully integrated into cities and municipalities. We are working closely with our clients, their architects and designers to create a more functional and beautiful cityscape. For us, this is a must. Thus we are able to offer unique solutions for each individual project.

Bus shelters and columns are usually the main elements for most of our clients driving factor along with the city contract requirements. Various public information products are well-established in today’s market, but our vast variety of street furniture, and the capability of providing a total solution for our clients has found it’s place in this particular market by offering more of a customized variety of product finishing along with a total modernization of ex. automatic information booths, where the public can retrieve information or simply send an e-mail – just like using a PC.

City Lights
City lights are just one of the preferred supports used by local authorities to inform inhabitants about their cultural activities.

Bus shelters
To be found in city centres the world over, our bus shelters combine design and robustness for quality urban communication.

Display Columns
The legendary display columns date back to the 19th century and continue to catch the eye while blending in perfectly with their urban surroundings all over the world.

We continue to focus on the quality, service offer and design of our city lights, bus shelters and display columns used to showcase your messages and to ensure they perfectly fit in with their urban surroundings.
Promoting our style within these structures located at regular stopping points, along urban bus and metro routes gives a strong value added for our clients.