DISTEC’s quality commitment is to ensure that our raw materials and extrusions meet the highest quality standards. Along with our quality workmanship, this in turn ensures that clients will receive finished products which exceed their quality and longevity expectations. Incoming materials undergo frequent inspections to verify compliance to tolerances, material property specifications, and our other rigorous standards.

Close attention to our manufacturing standards, from the engineering drawings through the CNC processing of our industrial robot is maintained through stringent supervision. Quality is constantly checked to meet our exacting requirements and specifications before products proceed to the next level of production.

the quality of Distec's product
Assembly is the final production stage, which is also checked with our exacting standards of quality assurance. Finally, the product moves to specification and functionality testing before it receives final approval by our Quality Control and Certification Department. Each unit is tracked throughout our system by a production serial number, and its production documents are recorded and filed permanently.

Our attention to precision through every step of engineering and production are important elements in providing our clients with products that provide them with competitive advantages.


As a small sample of our philosophy, please see the photos below:

Distec quality


We invite you to experience the difference.


See Quality for life (pdf)